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Donations for Lineage 2 Gracia Final

Saturday 20 July, 2024 | 04:31 PM (GMT+2)
 GF 20x    Orfen 5x    Istina 50x    Freya 15x

Donations for Legendary 20x Lineage 2 Gracia Final Server

If you want to help the server you can donate. The donations will keep the server ONLINE and donators will be rewarded in game. If you want to donate press the "Donate" button...

By submitting donations you agree to the following: "Rewards" as nonreciprocal, voluntary transfers of assets from private organizations, individuals, or others to Lineage 2 Scarlet. Donations as moneys and materials given by private persons and organizations to Lineage 2 Scarlet without receiving anything in exchange. The term "Donation" is used interchangeably with the term "Reward" throughout this document. Upon helping, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive any compensation in exchange of the helping you made, but instead, given a virtual reward for your generosity. Thank you for your interest and support of the Lineage 2 Scarlet server.
Remember that you are not obligated to donate. All donations are final and non-refundable.

Coin of Luck on L2 Freya | Lineage 2 Scarlet private server
1 CoL (Coin of Luck) = 1 Euro

Donate for CoL via PayPal

Character name (from game)

In a few hours you will receive your Coin of Luck (CoL) via ingame mailbox.
If you encounter any problems send an email to support or Discord.

Promotions and discounts
07, 2024
100 CoL + 25 CoL bonus
50 CoL + 10 CoL bonus
25 CoL + 5 CoL bonus
15 CoL + 3 CoL bonus
10 CoL + 2 CoL bonus
5 CoL + 1 CoL bonus

EXP 85lvl 10 CoL / 5 CoL
50k Clan Rep. Points 10 CoL / 5 CoL
100k Clan Rep. Points 20 CoL / 10 CoL
Change Clan Name 25 CoL / 20 CoL
Buffer NPC in Clan Hall or Castle 25 CoL / 20 CoL
Gatekeeper NPC in Clan Hall or Castle 25 CoL / 20 CoL
Warehouse NPC in Clan Hall or Castle 25 CoL / 20 CoL
AIO NPC in Clan Hall or Castle 40 CoL / 30 CoL
Change Player Name 20 CoL / 10 CoL
Unban Your Account 20 CoL / 10 CoL
Chat Unban 5 CoL / 3 CoL

Pets & Mounts
Strider (Mount) 3 CoL
Fenrir (Mount) 3 CoL
Kookaburra (Pet) 3 CoL
Light Purple-Maned Horse Mounting Bracelet (Mount) 5 CoL
Tawny-Maned Lion Mounting Bracelet (Mount) 7 CoL
Steam Beatle Mounting Bracelet (Mount) 20 CoL
Wyvern (Mount) 25 CoL

*Important: After sending a donation, send us an email with following Informations:

- Your Character name:
- Paypal Transaction Number:

* Your email must be send to [email protected]

Contact us via email on [email protected] for more information.

Rewards delivery may take up to 24 hours after donation was send.
Thank you for supporting Lineage 2 Scarlet server.

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If you want to help the server you can donate and get rewarded with CoL.