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Features on Lineage 2 Gracia Final

Sunday 16 June, 2024 | 03:40 AM (GMT+2)
 GF 20x    Orfen 5x    Istina 50x    Freya 15x

Legendary 20x Lineage 2 Gracia Final Server Features

Chronicle: Gracia Final
Lineage 2 Gracia Final
Rates: EXP: 20x / SP: 20x / Party EXP: 2x / Party SP: 2x / DropItems: 10x / RaidDropItems: 1x / RaidDropJewely: 1x / Spoil: 10x / Adena: 25x
*Full Server Rates!

Server type "Normal/Classic" with PvP(vE) & Craft

NO custom items (Retail Items Only!) We don't have any custom item on Legendary 20x L2 Scarlet Gracia Final server.
NO custom Olympiad (Every 2 weeks).
NO Pay2Win We don't have items that are not obtainable in game by everybody.
Full GeoData enabled.
TVT Event (Daily, every 2 hours), Hide & Seek Event (Daily, every 4 hours), Memorable Raid Bosses Event (Daily, every 16 hours), Castle Sieges Event, Fishing Contest, (POTW) Photo of the Week Event, (VOTW) Video of the Week Event and many other retail events.

Castle Sieges and Events on Lineage 2 Gracia Final private server

Offline shops (unlimited and no restrictions) / Crafters and vendors in all major towns (Giran, Aden and Goddard).
Offline Trade & Craft. Set your private store and Exit Game.
*Stored for limited time until next server restart.
*Trade zones at Giran Town, where you can set private store only on predefined areas.

Coin of Luck (CoL) can be obtained in game from Epic Raid Bosses, some normal Raid Bosses and few Instanced Dungeons.

L2Day Event Manager (The Letter Collector Event with scrolls, attributes and epic jewels for rewards) - retail chances
Exclusive Agathions and accesories added (agathions and hundreds of accesories)
Augmentation is allowed on PvP weapons (max. 9[450]) and armors (max. 9[180] S80-S84 grade)
Dot commands: .expoff .expon .deposit .withdraw .tvt (working during TVT event)
Slash commands: /time /olympiadstat /siegestatus /duel /instancezone /unstuck

Max Buffs: 24 + 4 / Max Dances/Songs: 12
Buffs time: 2 hours

Normal Enchant: 66% / Blessed Enchant: 70%
Safe enchant: +4 / Max. enchant: +20

Server time Sunday 16 June, 2024 | 03:40 AM (GMT+2) - Datacenter location: Europe, Berlin.

Lineage 2 Gracia Final Seed of Destruction
Available Instances and Grand Raid Bosses: Seed of Immortality (Ekimus) / Seed of Destruction (Tiat) / Kamaloka / Frintezza / Zaken / Baium / Antharas / Valakas ...

Custom respawn times for some Epic Raid Bosses

Olympiad & Sieges 2 weeks & Retail
Full Geodata and Pathnodes Geodata enabled!

Fortresses Retail like.
Combat Stats & Droplist available via Shift & Click.
Monsters will have title with their levels!
Events: Hide & Seek, L2 Day (Letters Collector) and TvT (Team vs Team).
Wedding System enabled!
Weight Limit x5
Auto Learn Skills (*without Forgotten Skills)
Auto Loot
Castle Sieges: 2 weeks
Olympiads Cycle (New Heroes): 2 weeks.

Additional Information

Stable & Dedicated Linux Ubuntu server with latest updates (Datacenter in Germany)
TS server available for everyone with multiple channels (Our TS server is offline, replaced by Discord chat)
Frequent updates and daily support (via TS, FB, Discord or Email).

Need help?

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Support / Bug Reports

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If you want to help the server you can donate and get rewarded with CoL.